Health Insurance Providers Respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The above website lists almost all US insurance companies, A-Z. I have listed some of the major ones here:

AETNA a CVS Health company

  • will waive member cost-sharing for inpatient admissions at all in-network facilities for treatment of COVID-19 or health complications associated with COVID-19. This policy applies to all Aetna-insured commercial plan sponsors and is effective immediately for any such admission through June 1, 2020.

  • waiving member cost-sharing for inpatient admissions at all in-network and out-of-network facilities for treatment of COVID-19 or health complications associated with COVID-19. This policy applies to all Aetna Individual and Group Medicare Advantage members and is effective March 25, 2020 for any such admission through June 1, 2020.

  • offering its Resources For Living®, its employee assistance program, to individuals and organizations who have been impacted by COVID-19, whether or not they have RFL included as part of their benefits.

  • working closely with partner hospitals to help transfer and discharge members with issues unrelated to COVID-19 from hospitals to safe and clinically appropriate care settings where they can continue to have their needs addressed. This will help hospitals and emergency rooms make room for more patients, especially those suffering from COVID-19.

  • is streamlining its provider credentialing process so there can be more health care professionals caring for patients.

  • paying the amount of the cost-sharing the member would have ordinarily paid related to COVID-19 testing or inpatient treatment so there is no financial impact on the provider.

  • is reimbursing all providers for telemedicine at the same rate as in-person visits for applicable telehealth codes, including for mental health care services.


  • will cover the cost of coronavirus testing with no out-of-pocket cost. Anthem also confirms that prior authorization is not required for diagnostic services related to COVID-19 testing. The company recommends using telehealth when possible to help prevent the spread of a virus. It is also encouraging its members to talk to their doctor about whether it is appropriate for them to change from a 30-day supply of their regular medications to a 90-day supply.

  • announced new resources for its members. First, it is working to accelerate the availability of a Coronavirus Assessment tool on the Sydney Care mobile app, which members can download at no cost. Second, Anthem’s affiliated plans will continue to waive copays, coinsurance and deductibles for diagnostic tests for COVID-19, and extending this to include waiver of copays, coinsurance, and deductibles for visits associated with in-network COVID-19 testing, whether the care is received in a doctor’s office, urgent care center or emergency department. Third, Anthem is relaxing early prescription refill limits for members who wish to receive a 30-day supply of most maintenance medications, where permissible. Fourth, for 90 days, Anthem plans will waive any cost sharing for telehealth visits, including visits for mental health care, for fully insured employer plans, individual plans, Medicare plans, and Medicaid plans, where permissible. This includes visits using Anthem’s telemedicine service, as well as care received from other telehealth providers delivering virtual care. The Anthem Foundation continues to support the Red Cross, Direct Relief, Americares, and Feeding America, and is working to redirect up to $2 million to local Boys and Girls Clubs to help distribute meals to children and families in need. The company is matching employee donations to the Anthem Foundation’s program.

  • is increasing physician availability through its telemedicine service, LiveHealth Online (LHO), including encouraging in-network doctors to join the platform, given the surge in demand. LHO is a safe and helpful way to use Anthem benefits to see a doctor and receive health guidance related to COVID-19, without leaving home or work.

  • is contributing $1 million to the Rapid Response Loan Fund, which was established by the Indy Chamber. The loan fund is intended to help the roughly 43,000 small business in central Indiana.

  • has also launched the Anthem Medical Associate Volunteer Program, which is designed to allow associates with professional medical training volunteer and assist in their local community’s response to COVID-19.

  • suspended prior authorization requirements for patient transfers as well as for the use of medical equipment critical to COVID-19 treatment.

  • is waiving cost sharing payments for COVID-19 treatment. The expansion covers the waiver of cost share for COVID-19 treatment received through May 31, 2020.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (refer to website for additional changes by State)

  • Announced that its network of 36 independent and locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies will waive prior authorizations for diagnostic tests and covered services for COVID-19, cover those tests at no cost share to members, waive prescription refill limits on maintenance medications, and expand access to telehealth and nurse/provider hotlines. This applies to fully insured, individual, and Medicare Advantage plan members, and plans are working with state Medicaid and CHIP agencies to ensure people have access to needed testing and services.

  • All 36 independent and locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are also waiving cost sharing for telehealth services for fully insured members for the next 90 days.

  • Independent and locally-operated Blue Cross Blue Shield companies across the country and the BCBS Federal Employee Program® (FEP®) have decided to waive cost-sharing for treatment of COVID-19 through May 31. This includes coverage for testing and treatment administered, including for inpatient hospital stays.


  • is covering the cost of coronavirus testing, waiving all co-pays or cost-shares for fully insured plans, including employer-provided coverage, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and individual market plans available through the Affordable Care Act. Organizations that offer Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans will also have the option to include coronavirus testing as a preventive benefit. Recognizing that health outbreaks can increase feelings of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness and sometimes loss. Cigna is also staffing a second phone line for customers.

  • announced it will waive customers’ out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 testing-related visits with in-network providers, whether at a doctor’s office, urgent care clinic, emergency room or via telehealth, through May 31, 2020. This includes customers in the United States who are covered under Cigna employer/union sponsored group insurance plans, globally mobile plans, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and the Individual and Family plans. Employers and other entities that sponsor self-insured plans administered by Cigna will be given the opportunity to adopt a similar coverage policy. The company is making it easier for customers with immunosuppression, chronic conditions or who are experiencing transportation challenges to be treated virtually by in-network physicians with those capabilities, through May 31, 2020. Cigna’s Express Scripts Pharmacy offers free home delivery of up to 90-day supplies of prescription maintenance medications. Cigna has opened a 24-hour toll-free helpline (1-866-912-1687) to connect people directly with qualified clinicians who can provide support and guidance. Additionally, Cigna will offer a webinar to the general public raising awareness about tools and techniques for stress management and building resiliency, along with the ability to join telephonic mindfulness sessions.

  • will waive prior authorizations for the transfer of its non-COVID-19 customers from acute inpatient hospitals to in-network long term acute care hospitals to help manage the demands of increasingly high volumes of COVID-19 patients.

  • is waiving customer cost-sharing and co-payments for COVID-19 treatment through May 31. The policy applies to customers in the U.S. who are covered under Cigna’s employer/union sponsored insured group health plans, insured plans for U.S. based globally mobile individuals, Medicare Advantage, and Individual and Family Plans. Cigna will also administer the waiver to self-insured group health plans.

  • Cigna and Express Scripts are working with Buoy Health to provide an early intervention screening tool to help customers and members understand their personal risks for COVID-19. The digital tool immediately triages symptoms and recommends next steps for care, while also relieving demand on an over-burdened health care system.


  • will waive out-of-pocket costs associated with COVID-19 testing. This applies to Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial employer-sponsored plans. Self-insured plan sponsors will be able to opt-out. The company is also waiving telemedicine costs for all urgent care for the next 90 days, and is allowing early refills on regular prescription medications.

  • is waiving member cost share for all telehealth services delivered by participating/in-network providers, including telehealth services delivered through MDLive to Medicare Advantage members and to commercial members in Puerto Rico, as well as all telehealth services delivered through Doctor on Demand to commercial members.

  • is waiving consumer costs for treatment related to COVID-19-covered services. Costs related to treatment for COVID-19, including inpatient hospital admissions, will be waived for enrollees of Medicare Advantage plans, fully insured commercial members, Medicare Supplement, and Medicaid.

  • The waiver applies to all medical costs related to COVID-19 treatment, as well any FDA-approved medications or vaccines.

  • There is no current end date for the waiver.

  • is providing financial and administrative relief for the health care provider community facing unprecedented strain during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • is also expanding its policy of suspending prior authorization and referral requirements, instead requesting notification within 24 hours of inpatient (acute and post-acute) and outpatient care.

Kaiser Permanente

  • is contributing $1 million to 10 leading public health organizations and collaborating with CDC Foundation to strengthen the United States’ public health infrastructure and response systems to stop the spread of COVID-19. Kaiser Permanente has more information about how its medical centers continue to prepare to contain and treat the disease. Kaiser Permanente is not requiring members to pay any costs related to COVID-19 screening or testing when referred by a Kaiser Permanente doctor.

  • will waive all member out-of-pocket costs for inpatient and outpatient services related to the treatment of COVID-19.

  • elimination of member out-of-pocket costs will apply to all fully insured benefit plans, in all lines of business, in all markets, unless prohibited or modified by law or regulation. It will apply for all dates of service from April 1 through May 31, 2020, unless superseded by government action or extended by Kaiser Permanente.

Molina Healthcare

  • will waive all member costs associated with testing for COVID-19. Any related visit to a primary care doctor, urgent care or emergency care does not require prior authorization.

  • has launched a Coronavirus Chatbot, an enhanced digital tool for members seeking information about COVID-19 risk factors and their own personal risk profile. This new self-appraisal feature is available for members looking for current insight, risk factors, live help, and appropriate action to take if symptoms are present.

  • Molina Healthcare of New Mexico is donating a relief package that includes medical supplies for families, Indian Health Services, and 638 facilities across the Navajo Nation that are experiencing hardships as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The relief package includes 5,000 rapid test kits, 240 N95 masks, 200 first aid kits, cleaning supplies, and $25,000 for food supplies.

  • is waiving all COVID-19-related out-of-pocket expenses for its Medicare, Medicaid, and Marketplace members nationwide, following up on its previous announcement last month about waiving all member costs associated with testing for the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

  • Molina Healthcare of Ohio is committing $150,000 for the purchase of personal protective equipment, COVID-19 test kits, as well as other needed essentials to help protect providers, health care professionals, and those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Optima Health

  • will waive out-of-pocket costs for diagnostic testing for COVID-19 for commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage members. It is also offering free telehealth visits to members for the next 90 days. Self-insured plans may opt out of this offering.

  • is waiving member cost-sharing for the treatment of COVID-19 from health care providers from April 1 through June 7, 2020 for its fully-insured Commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans.


  • is waiving costs for COVID-19 testing provided at approved locations in accordance with the CDC guidelines, as well as waiving copays, coinsurance and deductibles for visits associated with COVID-19 testing, whether the care is received in a physician’s office, an urgent care center or an emergency department. This coverage applies to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members as well as commercial members. United is also expanding provider telehealth access and waiving member cost sharing for COVID-19 testing-related visits.

  • is also opening a special enrollment period for some of its existing commercial customers beginning March 23 through April 6 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UnitedHealthcare is also suspending prior authorization requirements to a post-acute care setting through May 31, and suspending them when a member transfers to a new provider through May 31.

  • is waiving member cost sharing for the treatment of COVID-19 through May 31, 2020 for its fully insured commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid plans.

  • Starting March 31, 2020 until June 18, 2020, UnitedHealth will also waive cost sharing for in-network, non-COVID-19 telehealth visits for its Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and fully insured individual and group market health plans.

  • UnitedHealth Group, through UnitedHealthcare and Optum, is taking steps immediately to accelerate nearly $2 billion in payments and other financial support to health care providers in the U.S. to help address the short-term financial pressure caused by the COVID-19 emergency.

  • UnitedHealth Group’s move to accelerate claim payments to medical and behavioral care providers applies to UnitedHealthcare’s fully insured commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid businesses. Other financial support currently includes the provision for up to $125 million in small business loans to clinical operators with whom OptumHealth is partnered.