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What are you seeing regarding isolation precautions in the home for patients transitioned to home care? 2 April 17, 2020
My hospital is concerned that the waiver of authorizations from payers that exist now will mean take backs and retro audits on the back end 2 April 17, 2020
How are hospitals managing the liberalization directives that are coming from payers? Is it prudent to secure revenue and continue to review cases if hospitals are able? 2 April 17, 2020
How fast is XSOLIS able to adapt the bed locations in the software to support surges at hospitals as they find ways to get creative with bed space in their facility? 2 April 17, 2020
For hospitals that have not been hit yet, is there something they should be doing to get ready for COVID-19? 2 April 17, 2020
It is my understanding that UR is still required. Are most hospitals just modifying how frequently they are reviewing patients? 2 April 17, 2020
How do I deal with discharge to a SNF for COVID-19 patients? 2 April 17, 2020
What effect is COVID-19 having on discharge planning? 2 April 17, 2020
What regulatory changes have we seen? HIPAA compliance with telehealth? 2 April 17, 2020
What surprising recovery trends and symptom presentations are being seen? 2 April 17, 2020
What is XSOLIS hearing from our hospitals and partners about changes they are experiencing in the face of this crisis? 2 April 17, 2020
How effective is Convalescent Plasma (CP) Therapy on COVID-19 patients as seen in early studies? 2 April 17, 2020
Any new updates on the clinical front? 2 April 17, 2020
Are there insights on trends that we are seeing with AI and COVID-19? 2 April 17, 2020
CDC Hospital Preparedness Checklist 1 April 10, 2020
How to handle waiting on Covid-19 results 2 April 10, 2020
Are there any concerns related to mental health inpatients or outpatients? 2 April 10, 2020
Can a physician sign an order for home health through telehealth? 2 April 10, 2020
Have payers relaxed restrictions concurrent reiews on DRG? 2 April 10, 2020
What is your suggestion to deliver IMM in timely manner if the patient is in isolation? 2 April 10, 2020
Did we see any issues from a HIPPA standpoint in providing COVID-19 results to payers: 2 April 10, 2020
How is the response shaping up on the payer side? 2 April 10, 2020
With Covid-19 what are we seeing with elevated troponins? 2 April 10, 2020
Given the guidance from CMS on COVID-19 cases, what do you see changing? 2 April 10, 2020
How to handle UR nurses being pulled back on the floor? 2 April 10, 2020
How is Covid-19 affecting workload 2 April 10, 2020
XSOLIS Covid-19 Page 1 April 10, 2020
Hospitals: CMS Flexibilities to Fight Covid-19 1 April 10, 2020
FAQ on Telehealth and HIPAA from US Dept of Health and Human Services 1 April 10, 2020