Category Topics

Regulatory Updates

This is for discussion about regulatory changes from CMS or other government agencies. This is for your questions (and answers!) about changes on compliance for things such as telehealth and HIPAA.

General Discussion

This is a place for general questions and discussions about Covid-19. This is the forum to ask questions about what you should be doing in a certain instance, tell what your hospital is doing during the crisis and any other topic not covered by other categories.


This is a place for conversation about what is happening with Payer-Provider relationships. Please keep the discussion friendly and informative as we know this topic can get complicated.

Medical Updates

This category is for medical discussion about the Coronavirus. This is the place for questions about the disease itself, how it spreads, and how to treat it. We would also love to hear what you have learned about the disease that others might find interesting. Please be sure to fact check any updates before posting them; there is enough mis-information out there already.


This is a place for links to other resources such as the CMS website or any other knowledge bases on Covid-19. This is not a place for discussion but merely a place to share links where people can find useful information. For specific articles you find interesting, please post them in the appropriate category so people can discuss them if they want.